Bella Vista Wheel

The latest addition to the Westshell family. The colourful gondolas of this unique ferris wheel are illuminated by colour variable LED’s creating a magical view.

22 metres in height, it is a fully trailer mounted ferris wheel with 16 gondolas and seating 64 people.

Made in Italy

This elegant Ferris Wheel is a modern European design, incorporating the latest digital technology and neat, minimalist styling.

Comfortable and clean, the contemporary design of each gondola makes for easy entry and exiting of the ride.

Excitement and fun for all members of the family, young and old.

Magical Light Show

Bella Vista Wheel has been fitted with the latest LED light technology giving a spectacular visual display.

Not only are there lights on the Ferris Wheel spokes, but each gondola is built from a special light emitting casing with internal LED’s.  

The overall effect is quite unique giving the Ferris Wheel a very attractive and magical winter wonderland feeling.

Parramatta Winterlight

Prince Alfred Square
353D Church St,
Parramatta NSW 2150

Bellavista Wheel

Parramatta Winterlight
Prince Alfred Square